A guide to collecting sheep and growing your flock

Sheepfarm in Meta-land
4 min readJan 23, 2022


”As originally announced, early access will be made available to users next month and individuals who own Stewart Island pastures will be able to participate in the early access phase. Until then, we’ll continue to deliver gameplay insights to keep you up to date on just about everything!”

Greetings, meta-friends!

Continuing our exploration of our game’s core components, we’ll look at another two important features: Lucky boxes, and Morphing. In order to maintain a prosperous farm, you’ll need to keep sheep in your pastures. We have already hosted several events that allowed you to obtain some free sheep and will continue to do so in the future. On the other hand, obtaining a sufficient number of sheep will be impossible if you rely solely on participating in events. Today, we’ll discuss how to obtain sheep in a sustainable manner.

There are two ways to obtain sheep in our game; the first involves purchasing lucky boxes, while the second is morphing your sheep. Morphing, however, is undoubtedly an act of sheep reduction, as it requires the combining of two sheep in order to create a new breed. As a result, “Sheep in the Box,” also known as Lucky Boxes, has shown to be the most effective method of bringing in more sheep.

Lucky Boxes: A simple way to get more sheep

Lucky boxes each contain a total of seven different goodies, with sheep or other decorating items being randomly included. There will be several distinct types of Lucky boxes, each with a different price and contents. While decorative goods may appear to be fairly easy to get, this will not always the case. Certain décor items will be exceedingly rare and difficult to obtain. However, with enough luck, you might even get a high-rarity sheep from a box!

At least one sheep will be among the seven items in a lucky box, with the breed and rarity of each one being randomly generated. Everything is dependent on the probability established in a box, which you can inspect along with the contents before purchasing it. And because everything is regulated by smart contracts, you will not have to worry about being ripped off. Blockchain technology has truly changed the world!

Once you’ve opened your box, you’ll probably be curious to see what kind of sheep you’ve received and whether or not it’s a rare breed! Beginning with the early access version, sheep will have one of three rarity ratings: Normal, Rare, and Epic. The rarity rating of a sheep influences the value of the wool it produces, and in general, rarer sheep generate more valuable wool.

It is important to differentiate between creating high-value wool and producing wool quickly. We already explored combination effects and how they can speed up wool production. This means that if a combo is activated with high-rarity sheep, higher value wool can be generated faster! It’s also crucial to note that the rating of sheep will play a major role in future PvP activities, therefore collecting higher rarity sheep will be an important element of this game.

Morphing: A simple way to get rare breeds

Getting your hands on a rare sheep is no simple task. If you’re extremely fortunate, your lucky box may contain an Epic grade Sheep, but even if it doesn’t, there’s still hope! In Sheepfarm in Meta-land, two lower grade sheep can be morphed into a higher rarity sheep. However, morphing does not always guarantee a higher rarity; there’s a risk that morphing will result in a sheep of just the same rarity as the ones you started with. Even so, morphing will never result in sheep that are less valuable than the ones you morphed!

When it comes to Sheep Morphing, there is one thing to bear in mind. You must present a pair of male and female sheep in order to begin the morphing process. It is impossible to morph two sheep of the same gender. Furthermore, once you’ve morphed, there’s no going back! Because your precious NFT is at stake, you should never morph a sheep unless you are absolutely certain that you want to do so!

That brings us to the end of our topic for today! We hope this post has given you a better understanding of how to collect sheep in order to expand your flock! The release of the early access version, scheduled for February, is quickly approaching. In next week’s post, we’ll go over our project’s roadmap in further detail. You will also find out when you will be able to open your first lucky box so keep an eye out for updates!

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