Arena Ranking Contest: Fresh Start Derby

Sheepfarm in Meta-land
3 min readMar 1, 2024


Greetings, Meta-friends!

As the frost of winter melts away, revealing the fresh blossoms of spring, we’re happy to announce a new Arena event that marks not only the change of seasons but also the final Beta-Season before our highly anticipated official mobile release.

From February 29th to March 28th, join us for an event where strategy, speed, and skill are key to unlocking significant rewards. This period of competition and renewal is another great opportunity to challenge and surpass your current limits.

Event Schedule

Get ready for four weeks of non-stop action in the Fresh Start Derby, starting from February 29th through March 28th.

Event Rewards

In this fresh spring event, participants have the chance to win a share of $1,000 worth of USDT. The competition includes only races in the UNLIMITED league, tailored for advanced competitors. Success in these races demands high-level sheep, skills, and strategic planning.

Triumph Rewards

Celebrating your victories in style, the event’s triumph rewards are set to reward only the top performers in the UNLIMITED league. Here’s how the prize distribution breaks down:

  • UNLIMITED League Rank 1st: $500
  • UNLIMITED League Rank 2nd: $300
  • UNLIMITED League Rank 3rd: $200

*Upon the conclusion of the event, these rewards will be distributed directly to the winners’ accounts (wallet addresses).

Score Rewards

If you consistently showcase your prowess in the Arena, you could unlock adorable Sheep NFTs, each with its unique charm and value:

  • Score 5,000 points for an Epic Sheep NFT
Strawberry Gateau
  • Score 3,000 points for a Rare Sheep NFT
Candyfloss Ragdoll
  • Score 2,000 points for a Normal Sheep NFT
Spring Rose Cherub

*These Score Rewards are determined based on your effort across all leagues. For instance, earning 300 points in Normal, 200 in Rare, and 100 in Unlimited equals a total of 600 points.

What’s New This Season?

This season, we’re introducing another Mallowbu Island race track in our final Beta-Season, a compact 800m circuit that requires your sheep to complete 4 laps. Unlike the Polar Rush track, where balance and spirit played significant roles, Mallowbu Island shifts the focus to speed and stamina, making it the critical factor for victory.

As we step into this new season and the final countdown to our mobile release begins, we invite you to join us in celebrating the spirit of spring, competition, and community. So, prepare your strategies, fine-tune your sheep’s skills, and may the best shepherds win!

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