Arena Ranking Contest: New Year’s Sprint

Sheepfarm in Meta-land
3 min readDec 29, 2023


Celebrating a Fresh Start in the Arena

Greetings, Meta-friends!

As the calendar turns its pages, unveiling a blank canvas for the year ahead, we are thrilled to introduce the Arena Ranking Contest anew! Bid farewell to the past and embrace the boundless possibilities of the future.

Let’s come together in celebration of a year teeming with epic victories, humbling defeats, a multitude of events, and the promise of an even more thrilling gaming experience! Join us on Dec. 29th, 2023, as we kickstart the New Year’s Sprint, and let the games begin!

New Year, New Leagues, New Rewards!

We’ve recently introduced fresh leagues, custom-tailored for Normal, Rare, and Epic sheep, injecting a new dimension of competition into the Arena. This time around, the stage is set for separate league contests, putting your lower-rarity sheep in the spotlight.

If you’ve nurtured a diverse flock for races, now’s the time to let their distinct talents shine. While the Unlimited League awaits the heavyweights, never underestimate the potential of your exceptional Normal and Rare sheep, each with skills and ambitions of their own. Enrol your finest sheep in their designated leagues and watch them ascend to stardom!

Event Duration:

Running from Dec. 29th, 2023, to January 26th, 2024, this event spans 4 weeks, promising competition, strategic gameplay, and the pursuit of extraordinary rewards!

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

Event Rewards:

  • Arena Rank 1st Place (ALL Leagues): In this contest, each league has its champion, and they are in for a special treat. The victor of each league will be awarded a reward of 2,024 OASYS tokens.
  • Arena Rank 1st-11th Place (UNLIMITED League): Epic Sheep NFT
Flamenco Wildfire
  • Arena Rank 1st-11th Place (RARE League): Rare Sheep NFT
Miss Rouge
  • Arena Rank 1st-11th Place (NORMAL League): Normal Sheep NFT
Summer Rose Cherub
  • Arena points above 100: Decoration Item NFT
Parfait Garden Sign

*All event rewards (FT & NFT) will be distributed on the Oasis Network. Keep in mind, for Sheep NFTs, the Racing attributes remain a mystery until the player decides to reveal them!

Time to let your shepherding skills shine in this new contest and may the frozen tracks lead you to victory!

As we start this new year together, we want to express our deepest gratitude for your patience, invaluable feedback, unwavering loyalty, boundless enthusiasm, and the hope that you continue to enjoy our Arena Contests in the seasons to come. We wish you a Happy New Year filled with success, joy, and unforgettable experiences!

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