Beanz Betting — Ranking Contest 2nd

Sheepfarm in Meta-land
2 min readApr 28, 2023

Greetings, Meta-friends!

The first Beanz Betting — Ranking Contest has officially ended with the successful conclusion of the Sheep Racing Mobile 1st CBT. We want to give a big shoutout and congratulations to all the participants who didn’t give up until the very end, especially those who made it to the final rankings!

But guess what? It’s not over yet! A contest is starting up again with the 2nd CBT beginning on May 5th. If you rank high in this event, you can get your hands on a special Sheep NFT with great running ability that has already been Revealed!

This time around, we’re planning to reward even more participants. A total of 50 people will receive rewards based on their rankings. All you have to do is participate in betting using Seasonal Beanz, and receive rewards according to your rank!

Event Summary

  • Duration: May 5th, 2023 — May 26th, 2023 (same duration as Mobile 2nd CBT period)
  • Eligibility: All users (participation in CBT is not required to participate in this event.)
  • Event Prizes:

1st-3rd place: Revealed Epic Sheep NFT

  • Name: Inferno Wildfire
  • Stats: Speed 151 / Stamina 51 / Power 38 / Balance 42 / Spirit 38

4th-11th place: Revealed Rare Sheep NFT

  • Name: Ember Hurricane
  • Stats: Speed 145 / Stamina 77 / Power 14 / Balance 13 / Spirit 31

12th-50th place: Revealed Normal Sheep NFT

  • Name: Plain Orange Polka
  • Stats: Speed 120 / Stamina 67 / Power 13 / Balance 14 / Spirit 26

*Sheep of the same rarity will have the same stats.

*You can choose either the Oasys or Klaytn network to receive your rewards.

Please note that Sheep Racing for this event can only be played on the Mobile version or Universal version. If you’re playing Sheepfarm on the Oasys network, just log in with Metamask at to continue playing.

To encourage some more participation in the event, we’re giving away Seasonal Beanz for free to everyone. But if you need more Seasonal Beanz to place your bets, you can exchange Rainbow Beanz for Seasonal Beanz in the in-game store. Rainbow Beanz can also be purchased with cash on Mobile or with MARD tokens on the website.

We hope to see you all there for the next round of Sheep Racing!

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