Beanz Betting — Ranking Contest 3rd

Sheepfarm in Meta-land
3 min readMay 25, 2023

Greetings, Meta-friends!

We’re here to ignite your racing spirit with the thrilling news of the 3rd Beanz Betting Contest in Sheep Racing Mobile, in tandem with the start of the 3rd Mobile CBT kicking off on June 2nd. Following the success of our previous contests, we’ve been all ears to your valuable feedback and spruced things up a bit to make this one even more exciting and fair for all participants.

One particularly noteworthy enhancement we’ve introduced is a revamped ranking calculation method. Starting from this 3rd contest, the rankings will be determined based on the new Ranking Point (Beanz Earned — Beanz Used) System. This modification aims to tackle the issue of top-ranking users in the previous contest placing excessively high bets, which resulted in peculiar outcomes that significantly affected the race odds in the previous contest. With this change in place, everyone gets an equal chance to showcase their betting skills and compete on an even playing field.

Event Duration

June 2nd, 2023 — June 23rd, 2023 (same duration as Mobile 3rd CBT period)

Event Eligibility

All users (participation in CBT is not required to participate in this event)

Event Prizes

  • 1st-3rd place: Revealed Epic Sheep NFT + OAS$
    Miss Chambermaid
    Stats: Speed 160 / Stamina 90 / Power 24 / Balance 23 / Spirit 23
  • 4th-11th place: Revealed Rare Sheep NFT + OAS$
    Yellow Sweetheart Chantilly
    Stats: Speed 140 / Stamina 56 / Power 28 / Balance 35 / Spirit 21
  • 12th-50th place: Revealed Normal Sheep NFT
    Plain Yellow
    Stats: Speed 128 / Stamina 60 / Power 14 / Balance 25 / Spirit 13
  • Sheep of the same rarity will have the same stats.
  • You can choose either the Oasys or Klaytn network to receive your rewards.

Bonus Rewards

In addition to the exciting rewards mentioned above, we are happy to offer additional ranking rewards to further amplify the competition. That’s right, along with Sheep NFTs, you now have the chance to snatch up some OAS tokens for your exceptional betting skills. Here’s the rundown:

  • 1st-3rd Place: 1,000 OAS tokens each
  • 4th-11th Place: 300 OAS tokens each

Please note that the Sheep Racing event for this event is currently available exclusively on the Mobile version or Universal version. If you’re enjoying Sheepfarm on the Oasys — HOME Verse, simply log in with Metamask at to continue your gameplay.

To encourage maximum participation, we are providing Seasonal Beanz for free to all players. However, if your betting instincts demand an extra boost, you can exchange Rainbow Beanz for Seasonal Beanz in the in-game store. Rainbow Beanz can also be purchased with cash on the Mobile platform or with MARD tokens on the website.

Join us for another round of thrilling Sheep Racing! Prepare for glory and chase after incredible rewards! Unleash your competitive spirit as you craft your winning bets and showcase your skills in the 3rd Beanz Betting Contest. The racetrack awaits your mighty presence! Good luck, and may the sheep be leaping in your favour!

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