Decor Upgrade Event

Greetings, meta-friends!

In Meta-land, the magical nature of decoration items greatly contributes to the happiness of sheep.

The effectiveness of decorations can be increased by levelling them up. In order to ascend to a higher level, decoration items require a greater amount of energy to be absorbed from other materials as they become more powerful. When an upgrade is attempted with insufficient amounts of energy, the upgrade has a higher chance of failing.

We are hosting an event as a gesture of gratitude for those who make frequent use of this magic.

Event schedule: Until 23:59 UTC 31/08/2022

Ranking rewards: The following rewards are reserved for the top 50 wallet addresses with the largest Decor Upgrade history.

  • 1st — 10th: +1 upgrade for the selected decoration + name change for 1 sheep

Entry rewards: 1 vNGIT (A token that will be used for voting in an upcoming feature.)

  • All participants that have a decoration upgrade history of at least 1 before the event’s conclusion.

Scoring system: Each Decoration upgrade you complete will be worth a certain number of points.

  • Successful Upgrade: 5 points

Result announcement: 00:00 UTC 02/09/2022

Reward distribution schedule: Within 2–3 days of the results announcement.

✦ An updated leaderboard will be released every day on the following page:

✦ Snapshot will be taken at the end of the event (23:59 UTC — 31/08/2022).

✦ A survey to collect wallet addresses will be conducted after result announcement.

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