Get to know your sheep: Reveal feature now available!

Greetings, Meta-friends!

Did you know that every single sheep in Meta-land is unique? In each of them is a set of hidden abilities waiting to be discovered, and now you can! Our brand-new Reveal system is here!

What is the Reveal System?

The Reveal System is our new feature that allows you to discover the attributes — such as Speed, Stamina, Power, Balance, and Spirit — of your sheep. Each of these qualities affects how your sheep perform in a race and because of this, a sheep’s reveal will inevitably have an effect on the value of the NFT itself!

What can I do with a revealed Sheep?

A revealed sheep can be used to enter races or tournaments where it will face off against the sheep of other players.

Where can I reveal my sheep?

You can find out who your sheep are by clicking here.

I need some more information!

You can find more details about the Reveal system in our guidebook.

To help our users get started with revealing their sheep, we will be holding a special event to commemorate the launch of the Reveal feature! To participate in this event, all you have to do is answer a few questions in a short survey and you’ll be entered to win 50 vNGIT!

Event Summary

  • Event duration: 8th Dec. 09:00 (UTC) — 15th Dec. 09:00 (UTC)


  • 50 vNGIT

How to enter

*This event is only open to users who have logged in to the game within the past 90 days.

*The event is limited to only one entry per Discord ID/wallet address.

  • The data from this survey will be utilised for the design of upcoming racing tournaments.

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