Grand Launch: Sheepfarm Adventurefest

Sheepfarm in Meta-land
4 min readApr 5, 2024


Greetings, Meta-friends!

Now that our official release is in full swing, we would like to mark the occasion with an array of events that are as entertaining as they are rewarding to celebrate! So get ready to jump into these festivities and bag yourself a bunch of goodies that will supercharge your journey in the world of shepherding!

Kicking things off, we’re launching an event this month that’s set to be monumental! Picture this: a carnival of challenges, competitions, activities, and, you guessed it, a bounty of rewards waiting at the end of it all. Interested in what we’ve prepared? Read on for the details.

Event Duration: April 5th — May 2nd (during our first official season)

Event Details and Rewards:

A Shepherd’s Beginnings Achievement Event

Collect points based on your Shepherd’s Beginnings score by the season’s end to earn rewards.

Achievement Rewards

  • Shepherd’s Beginnings — 10 points
Surprise RB Bag x 1
  • Shepherd’s Beginnings — 20 points
(Non-NFT) Normal Sheep x 1
  • Shepherd’s Beginnings — 30 points
Normal Minting Voucher x 1
  • Shepherd’s Beginnings — 40 points
(Non-NFT) Rare Sheep x 1
  • Shepherd’s Beginnings — 50 points
Rare Minting Voucher x 1
  • Shepherd’s Beginnings — 60 points
(Non-NFT) Epic Sheep x 1
  • Shepherd’s Beginnings — 70 points
Epic Minting Voucher x 1
  • Shepherd’s Beginnings — 80 points

Shepherd’s Bundle Purchase Event

Earn rewards based on your purchases of IAP items and MARD bundles.

Purchase Rewards

5 MARD per Shepherd’s Bundle purchased for purchasing 3 or more bundles. (e.g., 5 bundles purchased will receive a total of 25 MARD)

  • (Minimum) 3 Shepherd’s Bundles purchased
  • (Maximum) 12 Shepherd’s Bundles purchased

Purchasing all six Shepherd Bundles of both the IAP and MARD versions unlocks the 7th “Lucky Shepherd’s Bundle” (IAP & MARD) at the cost of only 1 Bonbon!

  • 6 IAP Shepherd’s Bundles purchased
Lucky Shepherd’s Bundle (IAP)
  • 6 MARD Shepherd’s Bundles purchased
Lucky Shepherd’s Bundle (MARD)

Arena Ranking Event

Compete in the Arena and earn rewards based on your ranking at the end of the season.

Ranking Rewards

  • 1st Place in UNLIMITED
30,000 MARD
  • 2nd Place in UNLIMITED
20,000 MARD
  • 3rd Place in UNLIMITED
10,000 MARD


  • (UPDATE ) The “A Shepherd’s Beginnings Achievement Event” and “Shepherd’s Bundle Purchase Event” now ends May 12th instead of May 2nd.
  • Participating in multiple events offering rewards for “A Shepherd’s Beginnings” progress and “Shepherd’s Bundles” purchases are not allowed.
  • Arena Ranking Event rewards will be distributed at the end of the season (May 2nd).
  • The FT & NFT rewards will be distributed on the Oasys — HOME Verse network.
  • The sheep NFT’s racing attributes remain a mystery until the player decides to reveal them!
  • For those switching from the PC web version and looking to use the same account on mobile, follow this guide for a smooth transition.

With this, we’re filled with anticipation for the adventures that lie ahead! Don’t miss out on this chance to make your mark, enhance your journey, and maybe, just maybe, find yourself atop the leaderboards! We can’t wait to see the heights you’ll reach!

Stay tuned for more updates, and here’s to a season of rewards, achievements, and, most importantly, great fun. Happy gaming!

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