Launch Event: Join Sheep Racing and earn OAS!

Greetings, Meta-friends!

To commemorate the formal launch of our project and our partnership with Oasys, we are hosting a big OAS + betting ticket airdrop event that will span the entire month of October!


  • Entry Reward: 10 Betting tickets per week (Maximum 50 betting tickets per person)
  • Additional Reward: 5,000 OAS per race (Total of 25,000 OAS)

How it works

  • Every participant will receive 10 betting tickets 24 hours before each race, which will take place once a week.
  • Extra OAS can be earned according to the outcome of your bets in 5 Opening Races.

Apply for the massive airdrop event!

  • Submit your application on the event page. (link)
  • Application Period: Sep 29th 12:00 UTC — Oct 28th 12:00 UTC

Join the race to receive your entry reward!

  • Each participant can receive a maximum of 50 betting tickets over the course of the event.
  • 10 betting tickets will be distributed to each participant’s wallet 24 hours before the start of each weekly race (For example, if a participant joined the event on September 29th, they will receive 10 betting tickets before 5 Opening Races on October 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st).

Additional OAS for winners!

  • A total of 4,000 OAS are yours if your bet is successful. Each week, 4,000 OAS will be divided among winners (per person, not per ticket).
  • Every week, following the conclusion of each race, the list of winners will be announced on our #launch-event-oasys discord channel.

Earn OAS even if you lose your bet!

  • After every weekly race, participants who lost their bets will receive a 1,000 OAS airdrop.
  • The wallet addresses for unsuccessful participants will also be posted on the #launch-event-oasys discord channel every week.
  • All 5 entry tasks on the application form must be completed.
  • Betting ticket incentives are only available to players who are logged into our game, as they are distributed within the game itself.
  • The entry reward of 10 betting tickets will be given out every Sunday at 06:00 (UTC) to those who submitted their form at least 2 hours beforehand.
  • The only time that OAS rewards are granted is for Opening Races, of which there will be 5 throughout the month.
  • You will be able to claim your OAS in accordance with the scheduling of OAS listings in the future.
  • Because sheepfarm is not yet integrated into the Oasys chain, betting tickets will be distributed to Klaytn wallets.
  1. What is Sheepfarm?
    Sheepfarm is a web 3 gaming project that allows players to raise sheep and earn cryptocurrency. Recent updates include the addition of a new feature called Sheep Racing.
  2. What is Oasys?
    Oasys is a public blockchain that specializes in gaming and is also the platform on which sheepfarm will begin its first stages of expansion.
  3. How to play?
    To play the game, you will need a wallet that is compatible with the Klaytn network. You can use these guides to integrate Klaytn network into your Metamask or any other wallet: Medium, Youtube
  4. What are betting tickets?
    You can place your bets on which sheep will come out on top by purchasing a betting ticket. Successful bets can be converted into MARD tokens.
  5. What is OAS?
    OAS is the native token of the Oasys multi-token ecosystem.

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