MARD Masters Shopping Challenge

Sheepfarm in Meta-land
2 min readJan 12, 2024


Greetings, Meta-friends!

Exciting news on the horizon! Get ready for the upcoming Alchemy tab of the MARD SHOP in the next season, a pivotal feature of Sheepfarm Tokenomics v2. Within this tab, you’ll have the opportunity to craft a variety of in-game items, including Tradeable EXP Potions using wool obtained from NFT Sheep and more.

To celebrate the upcoming updates, we’re holding a MARD Shopping Event for this season where every purchase brings you closer to some bonus rewards!

Think you have what it takes to be a MARD Master? Here’s what you need to know:

📅 Event Period: Until Season End

  • Starting now and continuing through Jan. 26th, 2024, 05:00 (UTC)

Points Accumulation Period: Current Season

  • Running from Dec. 29th, 2023 to January 26th, 2024, 05:00 (UTC)

🏆 Event Rewards: Ranking Rewards + Purchase Amount Rewards

Ranking Rewards
  • Until the end of the event, the list of TOP3 buyers will be announced weekly between 04:00 & 08:00 UTC through the event channel (#mard-shopping-challenge).
  • In the event of a tie in purchase amounts, the user who made the purchase earlier will be given a higher ranking.
Purchase Amount Rewards
  • During the event period, rewards will be given based on the total purchase amount accumulated. Note that rewards for each tier are not cumulative.
  • Both Ranking Rewards and Purchase Amount Rewards can be received together

🎁 Rewards Distribution:

  • Rewards will be distributed during the scheduled maintenance following the conclusion of the current season.
  • All rewards will be delivered to participants’ in-game post boxes.

Remember, every point counts and every purchase brings you one step closer to becoming the ultimate MARD Master. Keep an eye on the #mard-shopping-challenge channel for updates. Happy shopping!

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