Official Launch Announcement: Sheep Racing Begins!

Greetings Meta-Friends!

The wait is finally over; Sheep Racing is now ready to play!

What is Sheep Racing?

Sheep Racing is a type of PvP (Player vs Player) activity found in Meta-land. In this mode of play, bets can be placed on each individual round, or players can enter their own sheep into the race. The stats of high-rarity sheep will be superior, but this does not guarantee that an epic sheep will always come out on top. The outcome of any race is determined by a variety of factors such as the weather, the attributes of sheep, and more.

As of right now, the only feature that is accessible is betting. Players can participate as spectators and will have the option to bet on which sheep they believe will emerge victorious. Amazing payouts await the players whose wagers are successful! In addition, players have the opportunity to cast their votes for the weather conditions of each race, which has a significant impact on the performance of the competing sheep.

How betting works:

In Meta-land, most things begin with MARD (Marlamade) Tokens. MARD can be acquired from exchanges or earned by players through their farms. With MARD tokens, players can easily purchase betting slips and begin placing bets within the races.

Weather Voting:

Players possessing vNGIT tokens have a say in what kind of weather they’d like to see during each race, and can make use of our DAO service to cast their votes. More details about gameplay and earning vNGIT Tokens can be found in our guidebook.

You can expect to see several events, including airdrops and referral events in the near future.

Please keep an eye on our Social Media for the latest news!








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