Parents’ Day Event: Collaboration with P2E ALL

Greetings, meta-friends!

The United Nations designated June 1 as Global Day of Parents to honour all parents throughout the world for their selfless dedication to their children and lifetime sacrifices in maintaining this bond.

Recent times in the crypto world have been difficult and when things are tough, there’s no substitute for the comforting presence of family.

We are hosting an event in collaboration with P2E ALL as a way to show our appreciation to all of the parents across the globe.

Event schedule: 12:00 UTC 23/05/2022–14:59 UTC 30/05/2022

Entry Rewards:

Bitter Bon Bon x 50

Ranking Rewards:

1st: Epic Sheep

Crimson Moon Draconic

2nd — 10th: Rare Sheep

Ruby Streaked Wildfire

11th — 50th: Normal Sheep


Scoring System:

  • Pasture (Small +5 / Medium +10 / Large +20)

✦ An updated leaderboard will be released every day at 12:00 UTC.

✦ A snapshot will be taken at the end of the event (14:59 UTC — 30/05/2022)

An additional 20 Metalambs are up for grabs on the P2E ALL event page! Each of the top 10 participants who referred the most people will be eligible for the reward, and the remaining 10 will be selected through a lottery draw.

🎈Participate here:

Result announcement: 05:00 UTC — 31/05/2022

Reward distribution schedule: Within 2–3 days of the results announcement.

This event is an excellent opportunity to acquire some NFTs. With many exciting activities and collaborations planned for the future, make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities like this one. Happy Parents’ Day!

If you want to learn more about our project, follow us on social media!



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