Pre-Launch Event: Reward Expedition

Sheepfarm in Meta-land
2 min readMar 19, 2024


Join in our Pre-Release Gameplay Event!

Greetings, Meta-friends!

Get set for a new awesome event leading up to the official mobile release of our game on April 4th, 2024! We’re super excited to invite all players to celebrate this milestone with us, featuring lots of cool rewards and fun challenges.

Event Timeline

March 19, 2024, to April 4, 2024 (17 days!)

Event Highlights

  • Get ahead of the game and earn useful rewards before our official launch!
  • No special requirements — simply play our game during the event to reap the benefits.

Event Rewards

Complete missions to earn a stunning collection of 11 Rainbow Lambkins, each evolving into Rare grade or higher sheep.

How to Participate

  1. Play the game and conquer a series of 9 missions during the event.
  2. The more missions you complete, the more Rainbow Lambkins you’ll earn.
  3. Completing all 9 missions unlocks an additional 2 Rainbow Lambkins!

Note: Need help getting started? Click here to find out how.

Event Missions

  1. Log in for 7 consecutive days.
  2. Level up your Meryl sheep to 20.
  3. Reach 1,000 points in the Loot Lane Trials.
  4. Reach a score of 1,000 points in the Arena (any league).
  5. Use 30,000 Seasonal Beanz for betting on sheep races in Beanz Betting.
  6. Use 30 Tickets for betting on sheep races in Ticket Betting.
  7. Purchase the Welcome Bundle from the Bundle Shop.
  8. Purchase the Shepherd’s Bundle from the Bundle Shop.
  9. Purchase the Shepherd’s Bundle (MARD Version) from the Bundle Shop.

Note: Your rewards will eagerly await you in your in-game postbox once the game officially launches!

Don’t let this exciting opportunity slip away! Play, complete missions, and claim your exclusive rewards to ensure you’re primed and ready for an epic launch day experience to start your shepherding journey off on the right foot! Have fun!

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