Sheepfarm TOKENOMICS v2 and the Launch of MARD SHOP!

Sheepfarm in Meta-land
3 min readDec 21, 2023

Greetings, Meta-friends!

We’re resuming MARD-mining, the heart of our project since day one. With this, we’re excited to introduce the new in-game MARD SHOP in our mid-season update, and it’s a big step in bringing MARD mining back to life (P2E). In this article, we’ll explore the changes in MARD tokenomics and share the team’s plans for what comes next.

Before we get into the specifics of these changes, let’s take a moment to understand why our team decided to introduce a new tokenomics system. Back in 2022, when Sheepfarm in Meta-land started, we followed the typical GameFi model, mining FT (MARD) through NFT staking. In an effort to address some of the challenges inherent in GameFi, we introduced Sheep Racing as a deflationary mechanism towards the end of 2022. Regrettably, Sheep Racing didn’t quite serve as the effective deflationary mechanism we hoped for. This led us to implement the MARD mining Halving period in early 2023 as a last resort.

Throughout the challenging Halving period, our team took a close look at why the initial tokenomics of Sheepfarm and Sheep Racing fell short. After considering various factors, we realized that the fundamental token issuance structure, which involved constantly adding MARD tokens, couldn’t effectively prevent the decline in token value. This realization led us to conclude that a new tokenomics system, one that maintains or reduces the token supply, was essential. This means that MARD mining should now rely on the circulation of existing tokens rather than the creation of new ones.

As you may be aware, MARD mining on Sheepfarm has nearly stopped since the Halving period. This has left us with very few MARD tokens in the MARD Pool, which is crucial for MARD payments related to wool sales. To restart MARD mining, we needed to replenish the MARD Pool. To make this happen, our team has made several updates to the Racing Barn, which serves as the link between Sheepfarm and Sheep Racing. We’ve also introduced additional game features like the Level-up system, AFK Loot Lane, and PvP Arena. Lastly, with the highly anticipated release of the MARD SHOP this month, our team has successfully secured the necessary resources for the MARD Pool.

Below are the key points summarizing our new tokenomics. You can expect detailed structures and circulation control plans in the upcoming Guide v2.

  • MARD Sales and Recharging: MARD sales from the MARD SHOP at each season’s end will recharge the MARD Pool for the next season.
  • Burn and Recharge: We’ll burn 10% of this season’s MARD SHOP sales, while the remaining 90% will recharge the MARD Pool for the next season.
  • Investment Split: Half of the MARD Pool (45% of MARD SHOP sales) goes into the Wool Pool for wool purchases in Sheepfarm, and the other 45% is invested in the Betting Pool for Sheep Racing.
  • Wool Pool Distribution: Wool distribution is based on sheep rarity, with equal distribution among different NFT types within the same rarity.
  • Betting Pool Distribution: The Ticket Race determines the number of races based on the Betting Pool’s size at the season’s start. The Betting Pool is evenly distributed among each race according to the number of races.
  • Transparency: We’ll publicly disclose the Wool Pool recharge results and the initial price of NFT wool at the start of each season. We’ll also publicly disclose the Betting Pool recharge results and the basic dividend for each Ticket Race at the start of each season.
  • Carryover: Any remaining MARD tokens in the Betting Pool and the Wool Pool at the end of the season will be transferred to the next season’s MARD Pool.

Up to this point, we’ve covered the most significant updates in tokenomics v2! Moving forward, our team is putting a spotlight on boosting MARD SHOP revenue, a cornerstone of our revamped tokenomics plan. We aim to achieve this by attracting new players, potential MARD SHOP customers, and building a thriving community. To make it happen, we’re getting ready or a range of initiatives, including direct marketing, exciting event campaigns, expanding to new blockchain networks, and regularly refreshing our content. We kindly request the lively support of our community members!

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