Snowy Showdown: A Winter Arena Ranking Contest

Sheepfarm in Meta-land
2 min readDec 3, 2023

Greetings, Meta-friends!

As winter sweeps through the digital landscapes of Meta-land, we’re super excited to introduce our first-ever Winter Arena Ranking Contest! This is your shot at claiming the prestigious 1st place in the Arena Ranking and seize not only the glory but also a total of $888 worth of OAS and MARD tokens.

And here’s the inside scoop — your ranking and Arena points could open the door to some fantastic treasures! So, get ready make your mark in this winter showdown!

Event Duration:

  • Dec. 3rd, 2023 — Dec. 29th, 2023

Event Rewards:

  • Arena Rank 1st Place (UNLIMITED League): FT Reward: $444 worth of OAS tokens + $444 worth of MARD tokens = A total of $888!
  • Arena Rank 1st-11th Place (UNLIMITED League): Epic Sheep NFT
Frost Blossom
  • Arena Rank 1st-11th Place (RARE League): Rare Sheep NFT
Blazen Wildfire
  • Arena Rank 1st-11th Place (NORMAL League): Normal Sheep NFT
Ice-Berry Chantilly
  • Arena points above 100: Decoration Item NFT
Meringue Candle House

*All event rewards (FT & NFT) will be distributed on the Oasis Network. Keep in mind, for Sheep NFTs, the Racing attributes remain a mystery until the player decides to reveal them!

Quick tip for participants: Before you zoom into the Winter Arena Ranking Contest, focus your training efforts on your star sheep. And don’t forget to stash some Amnesia Dust — it’s your secret weapon for refining your sheep’s skills, uncovering those hidden talents, and giving them the best shot at winning.

Time to let your shepherding skills shine. Let the training sessions commence, and may the icy trails lead you to victory!

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