Special Morphing Event

Greetings, meta-friends!

In response to the overwhelming interest shown by the community, and in memory of all the sheep that have gone missing during morphing trials, our very first Morphing Event will begin as soon as this announcement has been made!

In Meta-land, morphing is a type of magic that causes two sheep of the same rarity to combine into a single sheep of a higher rarity. Though the magic may occasionally fail, there is no doubt that the Morphing magic contributes to the introduction of intriguing new sheep.

Many thanks to everyone who has been using this feature and has helped to breathe fresh life into Meta-land!

Event schedule: Until 23:59 UTC 31/07/2022

Ranking rewards:

  • The following rewards are reserved for the top 100 wallet addresses with the largest morphing history.

1st: Epic Sheep

2nd — 11th: Rare Sheep

12th — 100th: Mard Box

Entry rewards: 1 vNGIT (A token that will be used for voting in an upcoming feature.)

  • All participants that have a morphing history of at least 1 before the event's conclusion.

Scoring system: Each Morphing trial you complete will be worth a certain number of points depending on the rarity of the sheep.

  • Normal sheep morphing: 1 point
  • Rare sheep morphing: 3 points

Result announcement: 00:00 UTC 02/08/2022

Reward distribution schedule: Within 2–3 days of the results announcement.

✦ An updated leaderboard will be released every day on our Discord Morphing event channel.

✦ Snapshot will be taken at the end of the event (14:59 UTC — 31/07/2022)

If you want to learn more about our project, follow us on social media!



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